Welcome to Diakonias whistleblowing function

This Whistleblower Service is powered by Interactive Security. Interactive Security is an external supplier to Diakonia.

Interactive Security guarantees full anonymity and confidentiality throughout the entire case process.

As a Whistleblower, you are always anonymous and are given the opportunity to report suspected irregularities on Diakonia.

Diakonia encourages employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and others to report suspicious events into the Whistleblower Service at Interactive Security.

Send your report by using one of the following options:

It's important that you provide as much information as possible.

It's recommended that your report includes the following information:

  • What kind of incident/compliant you want to report.
  • Where these have occurred.
  • When it happened. Date, time and if it has been reoccurring.
  • Who was involved?
  • Optional contact information (Your name, phone number, e-mail address)
  • Should you have any kind of documentation please attach it to your report, or if you have knowledge of where more information can be found please indicate where it can be found.
  • Any other actions taken in response to the incident/complaint? (by you or somebody else).
  • Documentation in any form if you have access to it, or if you know that there is documentation and if so, what and where.
  • Information about other actions taken in response to the irregularities.

It's important that you read and understand how your personal data is handled in the section "Data protection" before you submit your report.

What can be reported through this system?

A whistleblowing function is designed for (but is not limited to) reporting of serious incidents/complaints cases like:

  • Behaviour of a Diakonia staff member
  • Behaviour of a Diakonia partner staff member (when the programme/ project is funded by Diakonia)
  • Allegations of Sexual exploitation and abuse by Diakonia or partner staff member
  • Allegations of harassment (physical, sexual or psychological) by Diakonia or partner staff member
  • Allegations of fraud and corruption by Diakonia or partner staff member
  • Criminal actions by Diakonia or partner staff member
  • A complaint on an issue posing serious reputational risk to Diakonia or a partner
  • Actual or potential harm or risk in programing


You can always be anonymous when you submit your report. Diakonia will investigate your case to the best of our ability. Should you choose to leave your contact information we will handle your report with highest confidentiality, as we do will all reports independently whether a report is filed anonymously or not. The content of the incident/complaint will only be disclosed to a small and limited group of people for investigation purposes.

This is how your report is handled

All received reports are handled promptly by Diakonia.

All reports will receive a unique case number, which you use for all further dialogue with Diakonia on matters like additions or status of your case.

When a new report is received by Diakonia, it's immediately anynomized.

Diakonia decides if the report will be investigated further or not.

Diakonia will contact you regarding the decision to investigate or not. We will also report on the outcome of the investigation. Should you have chosen to remain anonymous you can use your case number and code to get updates regarding your case. Diakonia will not be able to track your identity through this system and neither will the company that is providing the service.