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Ensuring confidentiality

Confidentiality is critical in the handling of complaints/incidents in order to protect the privacy and safety of the complainant, the subject of complaint and witnesses.
The facts and nature of the complaint/incident, the identity of the key participants and the investigation records are confidential.
This means that access to and dissemination of information will be restricted only to a limited number of authorized staff for the purpose of concluding a necessary
investigation. Any breach of confidentiality shall lead to disciplinary action according to Diakonia HR regulations.

Diakonia shall only allow disclosure when:
  • it is required by law;
  • it is required by management in the best interests of the organisation and the parties; and
  • it is needed to obtain specialist help for the survivor or for advice on the evidence
Should the matter for the complaint/incident become public at any time, Diakonia´s Senior Management shall issue a public statement about the procedures followed
and the status of the case and/or the outcome of the complaint review. Diakonia will not release any details about the complaint/incident.

Anonymous complaints

Diakonia recognize that at times people with genuine concerns can't speak out because of special circumstances and may wish to lodge a complaint without revealing
their identity. If a person reporting a complaint/incident chooses to remain anonymous, Diakonia will only be able to receive the complaint,
but will not be able to respond to the complainant. Diakonia investigates anonymous complaints/incidents reports as far as possible.
The reports will always be treated with confidentiality. Name and contact details will not be revealed to any person outside the investigation
(if an investigation is needed). An investigation is conducted by limited number of persons under confidentiality.


1 Adapted from BSO/ICVA “Guidelines for Receiving and Investigations allegations of abuse and exploitation by humanitarian workers”, Building Safer Organizations, pg. 13.